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60 Second Sell: Optrix iPhone POV Camera Housing

During the summer of 2009, while on the track Super-Bike racing, John Willenborg realized he had forgotten part of his GoPro camera. For fun, he took his iTouch and duct taped it to his wind shield—the resulting footage blew him away.  John knew right then there was an easier way to capture action sports than carrying a camera and a phone.  Roughly two and a half years later in December of ’11, Willenborg launched Optrix, a line of  iPhone POV cases.

Optrix recently released its new XD, MSRP $99.99, for enthusiasts across all categories, and the retailers that sell them their toys.

“We help the customers market Optrix with a variety of tools,” says Optrix’s Chris Monroe, who runs their marketing. “We have a rapidly growing library of video content that is being turned into promotional shorts for anyone to use.  We have high resolution images of our logos and products to help with online sales.  Our POP displays are in development and we are expecting them to be ready for the Holiday season.”

Posted on October 12th, by admin in Articles.

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