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Wake The Line 2010 Unleashed Video!

Wake the line here again! After a win at the Fise in Montpellier, France last May, RAPH Derome again shocked the World of Rail Shredding in Cologne, Germany, winning the 2010 Wake the Line. Wake the Line is ONE of the Highest ranked rail tournaments in the world, where the best RAIL masters are invited to prove who is the best. The set up was 3 pools in length with rails, a wall and kickers, pulled with the SYSTEM 2.0.
Raph was very impressive in practice and kept the momentum up to the final. The toughest heat he had to go through was against his own brother Oliver, well known for his talent on rails. Raph went on to meet Kevin Henshaw, Liquid force flex-board represent, and in the final heat we saw Raph edge out Nico Lerchenfeld.
This tournament included shredders like Shawn Watson (3rd), Tom Fooshee, Olivier Derome, Parks Bonifay, Marc Rossiter, Nate Perry, Daniel Fetz, Bernhard Hinterberger and many others .
In the Wakeskate division, 8 top world ranked riders met and Yann Kissman went on to edge out Ben Horan in the final battle of the day.
With the finest obstacles built by UNIT Parktech, here is the video edited by Unleashed Wakeboard Magazine.

Posted on July 16th, by Philgood in Articles.

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