The IMPERIAL a CTRL and KOROYD SARL collaborative project

In collaboration with Koroyd, this premium milled CNC core features a patented Polymer tube construction process that reduces weight, reduces impact feel, adds increased rigidity, and a torsional energy feel that has up until now been unseen in our industry. How do we do it? We start by machining the full core on our CNC to exacting standards using a blend of premium hardwoods and unique foam blend. We then machine out pockets on the outside of both inserts running tip to tail, underneath your feet more or less. This allows for a lively, poppy feel where you actually feel it and still carrying the boards kinetic energy up and into the wake. Tried and tested by current 2013 WWA Pro Tour and 6 Time Overall Champion Phil Soven, Don’t take our word for it take his. Built from the ground up to his specs, the Imperial is here and ready to expand your limits on the water.


Key Features:

Koroyd Composite Polymer Core for reduced weight
Hardwood and Polymer Foam Core
Patterned Triaxial Carbon Layup
M6 3-Pack Inserts
Polymer Infused Pro Base

Koroyd cores_cmyk

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Technology that improves performance. Tens of thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes, thermally welded to create an unparalleled consistent fully engineered core, ready to be cut, shaped, cnc-ed, thermoformed or laminated and further integrated into the best sport and protection products that give you the edge. www.koroyd.com

Available in 135, 139, 143 centimeters
Phil Soven Pro Model

Posted on September 19th, by Raynald in Product.

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