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Unleashed Magazine #66

Latest Videos

2015.5 by Patrick Wieland

2015.5 is the last remaining footage of our epic Journey across the Southeast United States for the 2015 product shoot | featuring Alex Graydon,...

Bring Your wakeskate to the top of the Mountains !

Built a wakeskate winch and flew it up to a 5000′ lake with a Schweizer 300. Then grabbed 4 people with the Robinson...

Dean Smith Wins the Malibu Boats Tokyo Pro Presented by Rockstar

Dean Smith became the most recent winner in the Wakeboard World Series as he combined a mix of huge technical tricks and spins to...

The Bricks Open 2015 highlights

An event like THE BRICKS OPEN in Duisburg, Germany, doesn´t need roaring publicity. There is no higher, faster, bigger at the Bricks. They just...