WakeParadise is steadily becoming one of the most level competitions in Europe.
A cablepark, located an hour from Milan, in Montichiari to be exact, it is a marvel of obstacles. It features the new 2.0 system from Sesitec, and for many people it’s the perfect combination.
The event was attended by some of the best riders in Europe such as Dominik Hernler, Felix Giorgii, the Hoppe bothers, Jeremiaand Mattias, and other riders from around the world like Daniel Grant, Jimmy Lariche and the legend of wakeboarding; Shawn Watson.


The truth to be said, regarding this tournament, is that the new generations came in stomping! The big surprises were Victor Salmon and Szebasztián Szolath who were first and second with Tobbias Mitchell in third place followed by Dominik Hernler in fourth.
The buzz surrounding WakeParadise is synonymous with the legendary Miss Wet T-shirt contest as well as the after party. These extras are known by all the riders from around the world and help to make this a comparable competition to the more well known contests in
Europe. With the parties and entertainment as part of the event everyone goes home a winner!
The results of the 2015 edition

1 Victor Salmon
2 Szebasztian Szolath
3 Tobias mitchell
4 Dominik Hernler

Report and Photos: Héctor Urzáiz Calpe

Parralax Unleashed wake Mag 1920X1000