Daniel Grant ,Thai Wake Park with BeastMount

Daniel Grant

Daniel Grant ,Thai Wake Park with BeastMount

Beast mount is a company who made GOPRO accessories adaptable to the handle bars , just watch Daniel Grant from a new angle at Thai Wake Park by Daniel Grant.

 More about BEASTMOUNT:

This mount can be used on all cable parks! Just Slide the line in and your ready to go! No screws, you’re ready to film in a matter of seconds!

This item includes:

– CableWake Beastmount

– Leash to attach mount to the cable with strong karabine hook

– GoPro screw

This set is ready to go! Put your GoPro on and start!

Please note: This mount wont work in 2.0 systems. If you want to use the beastmount on 2.0 systems please order the WakeBoat beastmount!

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