O’Neill Hit The Road

O'Neill Hit the road

O’Neill Hit The Road

O’Neill developed a serie with their best international riders on a 11 days road trip, on a band tour bus, accross the best winch spots around Germany with a “Book of Challenges”.

Riders: Nico von Lerchenfeld / Guenther Oka / Steffen Vollert / Carro Djupsjö / Dylan Miller / Joe Battleday

Directed/ Produced: Denny Bräuniger
Edited: Andy Kolb
Director of Photography: Lukas Tielke, peoplegrapher
2nd Unit Kamera: Lennart Koch, peoplegrapher

O'Neill hit the road viduel

Now the Episode 3 of the O’Neill
wakeboard mission is available !

O'Neill Hit the Road Switched Up

“Welcome to Episode 3 – “Switched Up” – from O’Neill’s thrilling wakeboard mission through Germany. Catch the team migrate from Berlin to Hamburg to destroy concrete ledges & dodge killer drowned trees in a nearby nature reserve. The squad have plenty on their plate with a sketchy death wall in the bag, cheese grater wall rides, cold-water dunks, and an impromptu store take-over. As if that wasn’t enough, a next level night shoot goes down. Watch Team O’Neill embrace Hamburg’s nightlife from all angles, you’ve got to see it to believe it!”


O'Neill Hit the Road DIY

Funny fact: The crew also hit a spot that is just 200 meters away from Angela Merkel’s government building – you can compare it to the White House. They got busted after a while but Dylan got a few hits before !!

“Next stop Berlin! In Episode 2 of Hit The Road, our crew get out the tools and get hands on. Think you can shape a perfect board with € 40 worth of hardware store junk? Check out this week’s DIY mission full of crafts, rafts, and plenty of laughs. Let the squad show you their prototypes, share some insane Berlin spots, and fill you in on their sketchy police encounter! The book of challenges shows no mercy…”

O'Neill DIY


“First up is a dare to winch royal water in the grounds of three castles. They’ve got to be stealth but it won’t stop them from going hard!”

O'Neill royal winching spot

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