Loic Deschaux

Loic Deschaux

Loic is an 11 years old Rider , he start wake boarding 2 years ago and get already a pro level capable to beat riders older than him.

Native from France this young rider practice also Snowboarding during the winter time in France

Multiple time France champion in this disciplines , he want apply that during the summer time and get motivated for doing his best for reaching his goal .

He won Multiple European contest this year and go to the world championship next October with the objective to get the tittle in Under 15 division

Team Unleashed Loic Deschaux

The offbeat interview

 Where are you from and how did you end up shredding at TNA France ?

-I’m from France Haute-Savoie part , I live in Manigo town (74) in the middle of the Alps in the Aravis resorts … I just landed in TNA cable-park , 2 years ago , because it was the closest park around my house,

Why wakeboarding,?

To stay in shape during the spring and summer period , and also for my winter season of snowboarding, it’s the right balance …

. What do you think of today’s level in wakeboarding?

The level is insane specially on the kids division you can’t imagine land some Mobe tricks to reach the podium in the division under 15 years old …..

You did the Plastic Playground, in U.K. Tell us more about what’s happened there ?

A sick event !!!! With lots of obstacles .. an unforgettable experience with all my idols.
It was a dream to take the first place in my division under 15, I’ve seen materialize all the competition long .

What do you like the most about this sport?

I like be on the water with my friends and landing new tricks, but first having fun

Rails, kickers or air tricks? I like the 3, I like diversity. My last tricks was crow mobe , mobydick, 313 ….

How would you describe your riding style? Aggressive, committed and determined

Who inspires you? Daniel Grant , Lior Sofer et James Windsor

What are your goals with wakeboarding? Reaching Top Level !

What do you do outside of wakeboarding? Just Snowboarding Sorry !